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Professional Claims Adjusters, Inc. Testimonials

I wanted to take a moment and thank you for the wonderful job you have done in helping us with our insurance claims for Hurricane Charlie. We are very pleased with the amount you were able to help us collect, and we know we would not have received this amount of recovery ourselves. Your punctual and professional work has been very appreciated.
We would not hesitate to recommend you to our business associates. Again, thank you for easing our stress during a very trying time.
John and Linda Grother
Days Inn/Hampton Inn
Port Charlotte, FL

David and Mrs. Tina:
Sometimes life throws us a curveball, for reasons we can't explain, but this time in the playing field of insurance companies and policyholders, we had an umpire with "angel's wings" on our side!! It's been a long, hard road, but with you guys leading the way it made the journey worthwhile!!!! We can finally close the door on this chapter in our lives and go on with not such heavy hearts and our new friends at PCA. When the big dogs came out snapping, growling, and showing their fangs, Mr. David Zinnershine snapped back!!! Thank you for all you do, for all the little underdogs in this dog-eat-dog world!! Thank you, David, you're the best!!!! Thank you, Mrs. Tina, for taking the time to listen and lending a shoulder to cry on when I was down!! We couldn't have made it through it without you two!!!
Chris and Rhonda Jordan and Family

Mr. Zinnershine:
I just wanted to let you know how appreciative I am of the claim's adjustment you did for me on my EconoLodge Hotel. When Hurricane Katrina hit the United States, a tornado came through Helen, Georgia, and severely damaged my hotel. The roof and whole second floor of the hotel were taken away by the tornado. You immediately came to the hotel and initiated the claim process, which alleviated me from having to deal with the insurance representatives and the claim's process. My attention needed to be directed toward getting the hotel up and running.
Your diligent work in the handling of this claim not only let me do what I do best, which is the hotel business, but you also negotiated a settlement that was extremely favorable for me to rebuild my hotel.
You had previously handled a fire for me at another hotel of mine many years ago. When the tornado devastated my hotel, I knew immediately who to call to help me with the situation. I am extremely satisfied with your work effort and professionalism in the handling of all aspects of my claim. Again, I would like to thank you for a job well done. Please feel free to use me as a reference for any future clients, as I will share with them the business experience I have enjoyed with you.
Very truly yours,
lshvar Patel,
President, Helen Enterprises, Inc.
EconoLodge Hotel
Helen, Georgia

Dave and Anthony:
I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation to you for the excellent service you provided in handling my insurance claim at 13720 River Road, Pensacola, Florida, which occurred as a result of Hurricane Ivan. I have endured three hurricanes in the past and have dealt with the insurance companies myself on these prior claims. After the last hurricane, Hurricane George, I did hire a public adjuster and was not satisfied with the services I received. However, after meeting with Dave and obtaining several favorable recommendations, I made the decision to hire Professional Claims Adjusters to represent me. I am grateful I made that important decision. I was most impressed with your integrity and professionalism. The expertise you demonstrated throughout the claim adjustment process, and the excellent settlement you were able to negotiate on my behalf.
As a result of your diligent work, I would gladly recommend your services to anyone suffering a loss such as mine. Again, thank you for all of your efforts on my behalf in obtaining a successful outcome to a difficult situation.
William Gonzales

Where do we begin to say thank you? I will never forget the day after our fire, and looking up at you and asking, "Now, who are you?" Little did I know then that you were our lifesaver. I mean that literally. You made it possible for our lives to resume to somewhat normal within days. We were both able to go back to work and continue caring for our family. You took care of all the dirty work for us, and again I mean that literally.
Not only did you take a thorough inventory of our contents; you helped us get temporary housing, and reimbursement for all expenses. You helped us get bids on reconstruction, finalize our building contract, and other various aspects of dealing with our contractor. But most importantly, you were able to maximize our insurance policy due to your expert knowledge of the insurance industry. We never had to talk with our insurance agent again, because you were there to speak on our behalf. Needless to say, we never could have collected the maximum, and then some, without your expertise.
You gave us our life back. The time it would have taken us to handle this claim would have been insurmountable. From boarding up the house to receiving our final check and moving back in was bearable because PCA did all the work. You were there for us from day one until the day that we moved back in. The funds that we paid you for your work were little compared to all that you gave back to us.
So, thank you Dave, Anthony and all the PCA staff. We will always remember you.
Kathleen N. Cook
Stephen F. Cook

Phyllis and I want to thank you and your company for the assistance you provided us regarding our house fire in January, 2004. We were able to recover the maximum amount covered under our insurance policy for both structure and contents.
Without your help we never would have recovered close to those amounts. You put in the needed time to get our claim as detailed as required to permit the claim to be the full amount. Your coaching and negotiating on our behalf were invaluable.
We are lucky to have engaged you to help us. You certainly can add our names to your reference list.
Many thanks,
Michael and Phyllis Weiser

On January 30, 2008 I had a fire with significant smoke damage at my guest house and studio. Fortunately, after my panic began to subside I chose to engage your firm to assist me in the claims process, this may have been one of the few very smart things I have done in my life.
The process of insurance claim settlement is daunting, frustrating, exhausting and otherwise and battle to see how little one is willing to accept to get rid of the problem. Had I chosen to not have engaged your firm, I never would have done all of the things you did for me.
Your firm, protected my interests by supervising the pack out and inventory of my personal possessions, detailing every item destroyed, damaged or otherwise diminished in use or value. The scope and sequence listing the construction requirements for rebuilding allowed me to insist the contractor fulfill a thorough reconstruction. Without said document I probably would have settled for a wash and spray paint covering which would have left me with a building chronically plagued with residual smoke damage and a greatly diminished value for the remaining property.
The countless follow up with the insurance carrier and the "process" was overwhelming, I am so glad you handled it for me. While I hope that I never have the opportunity to use your services in the future, I unquestionably would, in the event, I ever had another insurance claim.
I enthusiastically recommend without reservation or qualification the services provided by you and your firm.
Bruce G Newman
Managing Member