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Commercial Property Insurance Adjustments

commercial property with hurricane damage
commercial house with hurricane damage
commercial building with storm damage
apartment building with fire damage
If your commercial property or business has been damaged or has accrued losses through a fire, flood, explosion, hurricane, tornado, wind, theft, or any other covered peril, Professional Claims Adjusters, Inc. will immediately identify all of the pertinent information needed to initiate the claim process and work to get your business up and running as soon as possible. Professional Claims Adjusters will work on your behalf to prioritize getting your business in front of this disaster by supplying the appropriate documents needed to relocate, resume partial business, and identify all of the pertinent, complex aspects of your claim as they relate to the insurance policy.
Our adjusters and business experts are highly qualified to handle your claim adjustment. Our commercial claims include the following:

Policy Review

We review your insurance policy to determine the coverage amounts and the claim procedures as dictated by your insurance company.

Structure Estimate

We prepare a structural estimate to include a room-by-room estimate of the building, showing in detail diagrams, dimensions, quantities, and unit cost.

Business Personal Property Estimate

Our adjusters inventory all retail items, machinery, furniture, fixtures, equipment, stock and all other items affected by the loss. We detail the degree of damage, salvage values, depreciation rates (actual cash value), and dollar and quantity product loss in inventories for each item and present this information to your insurance company upon your review and approval.

Business Interuption

To assist you in returning to business as quickly as possible, we will assess all of your business’s financial documentation and extra expenses and present a detailed business interruption claim to your insurance company. We will also request advance payments to allow you, the insured, the opportunity to resume normal business as soon as possible.


As your assigned representative, we meet and maintain regular contact with your insurance company adjuster and report the content of these meetings to you.


We negotiate your claim settlement with your insurance company representative, and in turn, we present all settlement offers to you. We also provide information and advice to help you understand and obtain a fair negotiated offer. No offer will be accepted or rejected without your prior consent.
Contact the experts at Professional Claims Adjusters, Inc. for assistance in your insurance claim.